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"Normativity is a 4 episode short film series written and directed by Katie Scardino, as well as co-produced with Mike Levinsohn.  The short film series is about those differences that make us unique and those similarities that make us all the same.


In this day and age, while we have progressed so far in many ways, it is still easy to isolate ourselves and others based on our gender, religion, race, sexual orientation, mental health or anything else that is seen as taboo by some.


Although fictional, this series is based on years of thinking and months of collaborative research and sharing of experiences.


The objective of this short series is to share a slice of 4 strong women's lives with the world. To share the struggles, the hate, the resilience, the acceptance, the love, and the beauty that people experience in their daily lives with people who are willing to laugh, cry, and carry on with an open mind."



The words above are taken from the Normativity short film series website.

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