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Saving Mothers

Headshots for doctors working with the Saving Mothers organization. 

More than 343,000 women in developing nations die during childbirth every year. This is the equivalent of 3 jumbo jets filled with women crashing every day. 

At Saving Mothers they believe the majority of these deaths are preventable through the education of birth attendants and other healthcare providers in underserved communities, and the design and implementation of low-tech, low-cost interventions like the organization's post-partum hemorrhage kits and safe birth kits.


Saving Mothers has made it their mission to: 

  • Raise awareness of this tragic issue

  • Raise funds to bring these solutions to the women who need them most

  • Focus research on continuous innovations in this field

  • Rally their fellow doctors to scrub in and join!

This information and much more can be found at or by clicking here

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